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Base Camp – noun.
a main location, or encampment, set up to provide supplies, shelter, and communication for persons engaging in a wide range of activities, like exploring or traveling the world seeking out great vineyards and wine.

As an international winemaker, my base camp has always been Healdsburg. It has been home for myself and my family since 1990. With the launch of our Goldmark Wine Club, it was time to establish a Base Camp for our members—a place that is the anchor point for our club.

My father, Donald Goldschmidt, instilled the sense of exploration and adventure in me. When only 17, he left Manchester, England, joined the merchant marines, and set off to see the world. When he arrived in New Zealand, he liked what he saw so much that he jumped ship and made New Zealand his new home. But his exploration of the world didn’t stop there. During the southern hemisphere summers of 1959-60 and 1960-61, Dad, a surveyor with Lands and Survey in Auckland, became a member of the New Zealand Geological Survey Antarctic Expedition, which mapped a large region of Antarctic. Not an easy task with sub-zero temperatures and more obstacles than imaginable with the limited technology of the day.

Our Base Camp is so named to honor Donald Goldschmidt. As we venture out to the far corners of the globe to seek out the next adventure in wine, we will always return to Base Camp. Our club members will get their communication from Base Camp and are welcome to make an appointment to visit us there when in Healdsburg.

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