Our Family

My family means as much or more to me as my adventures in wine. I’m lucky that my wife Yolyn and our five children all share my enthusiasm and passion for great wines and spectacular vineyard sites. (Well, maybe not all the kids are passionate about wine just yet, but I’m working on them.)

Our home in Dry Creek Valley is surrounded on three sides by our Salmons Leap Vineyard, which produces an unparalleled Merlot. The kids have played and later helped out in the vineyard since they could toddle. As you see in the photos, we keep them in the vineyard as much as we can.

Yolyn left her law career a few years ago to manage the U.S. side of our wine business, and is equally a part of Goldmark. As a member of our Goldmark family, you’ll be interacting with one or more of my family members as the kids finish college and weave their way into the Goldschmidt wineries.

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